Welcome to MyGuardian.ru!

If you have found a lost MAN, DOG or KEYS, contact relatives or the owner with the “Check the Guardian” button.
If you have bought My Guardian and want to register it,press the button “Register the Guardian











How does it work?

The Guardian is the product for access to online services MYGUARDIAN.

We took simple objects and expanded their capabilities by making not only beautiful but also functional.

Advantages of MYGUARDIAN


Simple and intuitive interface with a minimal number of actions to achieve the desired result;​ 

Lack of awkward usernames and passwords, we replaced them with a phone number and one-time SMS passwords (now you do not have to remember them);​ 

Users are free to decide what information to specify and can change it at any time without any restrictions (for example, during sea trips or trips to another city);​ 

Dual password system, passwords are listed on each Guardian, to improve safety (similar to bank cards for online payments);​ 

Maximum security. When checking the Guardian, the User will receive SMS - message and notification by e-mail about the checking;​ 

Easy registration. To create a personal account you need just a phone number and e-mail (it is easier than any online-shop may require);​ 

Functional personal account. Each user can create a profile for each family member within one personal account.​